• "The Sims 5" is rumored to arrive sometime in the spring of 2022
  • The next "The Sims" installment may be announced at the next EA Play Live event
  • An EA executive recently shared some details about the next "The Sims" game

"The Sims 5" is one of the heavily rumored unannounced games in the industry. EA and Maxis have not yet revealed anything related to the title, but a recent report has predicted the launch date of the much-awaited sequel.

In a new report, Screenrant speculated that the best opportunity for EA and Maxis to announce "The Sims 5" would probably be at the next EA Play Live event.

Fans can recall that in May, EA announced that the next digital event would take place on July 22. While the video game publisher has not yet revealed the list of games that would be showcased at this event, fans are hopeful that "The Sims 5" would be part of the lineup.

Although there's a possibility that the game would be featured at this year's E3, Screenrant said the title might get overshadowed by other announcements from Microsoft, Ubisoft, Nintendo and other giants in the gaming industry. It added that an exclusive livestream in July would mean that no one else could steal the spotlight from "The Sims 5."

The Sims 4
"The Sims 4" was released a year ago, and publisher Electronic Arts created an infographic to celebrate. EA

A previous 4Chan post also predicted that EA and Maxis would announce the highly anticipated game at the EA Play Live event. According to the anonymous leak, EA would release the teaser trailer of the upcoming "The Sims" sequel at the event.

Moreover, the leak claimed that EA would hold a developer's interview portion where fans could learn more details about the title. The leak also revealed that "The Sims 5" would be out sometime in the spring of 2022.

Meanwhile, a recent interview with EA's Chief Studio Officer Laura Miele may have provided fans with an update about the development of the next "The Sims" game.

According to the executive, the team is currently hard at work on the "next-generation 'The Sims' game and on some of the things they plan to bring into this new game." The executive was convinced that there was "a lot of fertile ground" for the next "The Sims" installment.

During the fireside chat with GamesBeat, Miele shared that she wanted players to have flexibility, creativity and tools to combine and remix items and objects in the game.

"You can imagine where we're taking this franchise and this brand," she noted.