Siri, the voice-controlled intelligent assistant exclusive to the iPhone 4S, will support Chinese language from March, Tech in Asia reported, citing the Chinese tech site DoNews.

The source, an Apple engineer working on the Chinese-language version of Siri, told DoNews that the Siri will become cleverer - it will understand and speak Chinese from next month. Currently, it is undergoing internal testings.

However, the Siri will only support the Mandarin Chinese, which is the most popular language in the mainland China. Other dialects such as Cantonese and other local languages will be left out temporarily.

Besides Chinese, Siri will also support Japanese and Russian languages from next month.

Meanwhile, the personal assistant will offer local information and navigation, which is only available in the U.S. now. Siri can only speak English, French, and German, which is driving other language users crazy.

Nevertheless, the tech giant has promised in Siri FAQ that this year the virtual assistant will support many other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish.

Without doubt, the multi-language support will secure Apple's leading position in the competitive smartphone market.