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Find the perfect skincare products for you.
Find the perfect skincare products for you. Musely

With so many skincare products available nowadays, finding effective skincare can be frustrating and time-consuming. Unfortunately, skincare brands perpetuate this phenomena with a continuous cycle of product development, capitalizing on trends like single-ingredient skincare and 10-step Korean beauty routines.

For the skincare enthusiasts, these trends have opened up a world of possibilities: they've been given the ability to mix, match, and personalize the seemingly perfect routine. However, many consumers have been forced into an endless cycle of trial and error. In an attempt to build a regimen that might address their skin concerns, they find themselves left with a cabinet full of half-used duds and disappointments, instead of holy grails and the skin of their dreams. For those suffering from difficult-to-treat conditions like dark spots, melasma, aging, rosacea, and hair loss, the problem is more than just a few hundred dollars lost. It's also a loss of confidence, sense of self, and hope.

A Silicon Valley company called Musely decided to tackle this challenge. Musely FaceRx is a prescription skincare service providing effective and affordable solutions to the masses, through their online dermatology platform. Musely connects top board-certified dermatologists and compounding pharmacists in the United States with patients in their homes around the country--all you need is 3-minutes of your time and access to the internet.

According to Musely, an effective skincare routine doesn't have to be frustrating or time-consuming. You can eliminate the guesswork by connecting with a dermatologist who is qualified to do the hard work for you. They'll diagnose your condition, formulate and prescribe customized skincare, and even be there to guide you throughout treatment.


Are Musely's patients seeing real results?

Since its inception in May 2019, Musely FaceRx has quickly built a community of over 300,000 loyal and enthusiastic patients. Anyone who has heard of Musely, has surely seen the dramatic, "life-changing" results that their patients are so excited to share. It typically starts with one person, eager to show off their results. Then, after a few months, their entire friends and family circle has also become patients and enthusiasts. According to the company, "Friends and Family" is their largest and most effective new customer acquisition channel.

The following Musely reviews were provided by the company. It's these before and after photos and reviews that have created a buzz in skincare communities--garnering the attention from those who pursue skincare as a hobby, to those who are just desperate for something that works.

"Thank you, Musely for helping me regain the self-confidence I lost due to melasma! Musely works miracles, do not give up! I finally feel beautiful again!" - Lynda S.


"Before Musely, I used to spend so much money on makeup. It was expensive to cover my dark spots and I would never leave the house without makeup... But now I can! Thank you so much, Musely for changing my life and face!" - Rosemarie R.


"[The Spot Cream is] my miracle cream! I have spent hundreds of dollars and years looking for a solution. My life has changed and my confidence is back! Thank you, Musely!" - Ysabel Y.


But even with countless real testimonials, Musely is still met with skepticism and disbelief, according to Katy Sun, Musely's Head of Marketing. After all, some struggling with skincare concerns have failed to find an effective treatment 50 to 100 times in the past. So many brands boast the ingredients and efficacy of their products. And those same products are retired to the cabinet to collect dust, once we realize it was nothing more than a marketing ploy.

How can Musely be any different? We dug deep to find out how and why Musely skincare actually works.

How does Musely skincare work?

Musely aims to be ten times more efficacious than alternative treatments, while being affordable and hassle-free. You can receive professional skincare help from the comfort of your home, then wait for a customized treatment, with ten times the potency, to arrive at your doorstep. With Musely's telemedicine platform, you can forgo the visit to a doctor's office and costly follow-up sessions. Instead, you can visit Musely's website at any time and complete a dermatologist visit within minutes--no appointment needed. The cost of the visit is also reduced from the traditional $250+ to only $20.

First, select the products you are interested in being evaluated for. Treatments at musely.com start at $60. Then, fill out a three-minute online medical questionnaire. Since your safety is their top priority, you must indicate your skincare needs and medical history, mostly through multiple choice questions. Lastly, upload photos of your skin condition.

Once the order is placed, a board-certified dermatologist will review your medical information and photos within 24 hours. The doctor will then prescribe a formula customized to your skin needs - Musely has more than 62 formulas for your dermatologist to customize from. Then, your prescription will be transmitted to one of Musely's compounding pharmacies. A pharmacist will compound your medication, which is then shipped off to your home, without any shipping fees or tax!

The process may be unfamiliar at first, but it is definitely worth it.


What makes Musely FaceRx effective?

The first step in finding the right skincare is consulting a professional. You have to determine the problem first, then understand the proper solution. Instead of spending thousands of dollars testing products that may not be safe or effective, why not rely on a dermatologist who can prescribe long-term, medical solutions that don't break the bank? For those who are still hesitant, find out why Musely works.

Pharm(acy) to table

Many of Musely's current patients have seen very costly dermatologists in person, and even tried pharmaceutical products featuring ingredients similar to Musely. Yet, they still failed to see results. Why? Because, according to Musely, the factory-made medications packaged 9 months ago are largely oxidized or expired by the time they get to you.

Many people don't realize that skincare products have a short shelf life. According to Mark Taylor, Chief Pharmacist and Owner of Curexa Compounding Pharmacy, "Skincare products can easily break down, which is a process called oxidation." That's why Musely chooses to compound their medications. Compounding refers to the process of combining, mixing, or altering ingredients to create a medication tailored to the patient's needs. In this case, it means you're getting a custom skincare product that is made just days before you receive it in the mail.

Compared to the weeks or months a product usually takes to get from a factory and into your hands, Musely patients are able to reap the benefits of their medical-grade skincare medications while it's fresh: with minimal oxidation and full potency. "We prefer to refer to this as pharm to table," Taylor reiterated.

Science-backed formulations

From green tea to CBD, these days you can find virtually any ingredient in skincare--not all of them effective. According to Musely, all over-the-counter or supplement-based skincare products are, in essence, glorified moisturizers. By definition, these products are unable to treat or cure skin conditions like melasma, sun spots, rosacea, or wrinkles and fine lines. Anything that can interact directly with the skin is legally defined by the FDA as medication. So the majority of skincare ingredients, regardless of how fancy the name, are simply marketing gimmicks.

Retinol is a popular skincare ingredient, notoriously touted for its anti-aging benefits. But Retinol is just pure Vitamin A, a supplement that cannot be absorbed directly by our skin cells without multiple human enzyme conversions taking weeks. Instead, Musely offers the medication Tretinoin, (a 3rd cousin of Retinol) that is the nutrition for our skin cells needed to grow new skin. As a result, Musely's The Anti-Aging Night Cream is 20-100 times more potent than your over-the-counter Retinol creams.


According to Musely, a scientific approach is necessary to formulate a skincare product that works. Their formulation process involves a team of board-certified dermatologists that handpick the most effective ingredients, and combine them at the most effective concentrations. Through compounding, Musely can deliver concentrations of ingredients higher than what is typically available over-the-counter or at local pharmacies.

Customized solutions

For those who feel overwhelmed or frustrated by skincare trial and error, Musely FaceRx offers a solution. According to Dr. Marc Serota, one of Musely's Board-Certified Dermatologists, "Sometimes patients can develop reactions because two different products from two different companies have ingredients that don't play well together in the sandbox. Because they didn't have a professional who was actually monitoring or prescribing their treatments, they don't know that the source of their reactions is actually two different things in their big bag of products."

To eliminate potential reactions and guesswork, Musely provides their doctors with over 62 formulas that can be customized into treatment plans. This flexibility creates accommodation for patients with sensitivities, allergies, and different skin needs. And along with a prescription, the doctors will also provide instructions and recommendations, such as when to use, and how to incorporate into an existing skincare routine. "You're not just paying for a cream, you're paying for a lifeline to a dermatologist. That is the most undervalued aspect of Musely's telemedicine platform," added Dr. Serota.

Our investigation into Musely's products and services has made clear that they have a great dedication in developing, and making accessible, the most effective skin care solutions. If you find your experience with skin care has been disappointing thus far, Musely is a choice you won't regret.