German skydiver thumbs up
Cameras have become almost as important as parachutes in today's world of skydiving. Reuters/Jamal Saidi

Sometimes the best marketing stunts happen by pure accident. But anyone thinking of buying a GoPro camera must be impressed by the story of how one skydiver lost his camera after jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet only to have it returned to him with the video intact.

Kristoffer Örstadius, a resident of Kristianstad, Sweden, found a GoPro camera in a meadow near his home. While he said it looked like it had been sitting there “for several years,” the camera's memory card and video survived intact, showing that it was lost by a skydiver four years ago. Örstadius posted the video on YouTube over the weekend, quickly amassing over 250,000 views.

Maybe it shouldn't be a surprise, then, that the GoPro's actual owner was identified after just a couple days. His identity wasn't disclosed but Endgadget reported that a member of a nearby parachute club in Everöd, Sweden contacted Örstadius to claim ownership of the footage.