A notable feature has been added back to Skype for iPhone app, which allows users to receive voice messages within a conversation. As of Monday, the added voice message support will allow users to simply press play within a conversation and listen to a voice message.

The feature is one that was previously included on Skype for iPhone when its first major revamp originally launched in June, but was removed with the Skype 5.1 update that followed days later, to the dismay of many users. Many took to Skype's support community to air their grievances, especially those who have a paid subscription to Skype.

“Voice message might be free, but the Skype number people are calling to leave that message is not free. Skype treats iPhone users as second-class customers,” user Leonida5 said on the Skype support community in June.

Voice message support has now been re-added with the with Skype 5.2 for iPhone update, which is available at the Apple App Store. The app requires the iOS 7 operating system for installation.

“We are continuing to work on bringing you new features to further enhance your Skype on iPhone experience,” Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) said in a blog post. The Redmond, Washington-based company has not indicated why the feature was removed in the first place.

Find all details for the Skype 5.2 for iPhone update below.

Voice message support: When you receive a new voice message from someone, it will show up in the conversation. To listen, just press play.

View contact profiles: Simply tap on any contact in your people list and then select profile from the “…” menu, and your contact’s mood message, Skype name, birthday, location and more will be available. Additionally, if you are in a 1 to 1 conversation, you can just tap on the contact name in the header to bring up their profile.

Add participants to existing conversations: Tap on the “…” menu in the bottom right corner of any conversation (1 to 1 or group), and you’ll be presented with a shiny new “add participants” option.

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