Microsoft is rolling out a new update for its Skype app for Android OS. Getty Images/ASIF HASSAN

It appears that Windows 10 users will get an update for their Skype app that would enable them to send text messages soon. Microsoft has already confirmed that the new feature will roll out in the coming months.

Engadget reported Sunday that Skype is getting the scrapped Windows 10 Anniversary update Messaging everywhere feature in the near future, and this feature is said to enable Windows 10 users to send text messages from their PC. The Redmond giant apparently ditched the feature that was supposed to ship with the anniversary update and removed it from preview builds because the company saw a bigger potential for it when added to Skype.

The feature has yet to receive a specific release date, but it is already available via the latest Skype Preview version for PC and Mobile via its Insider program. With this version, Windows 10-running computer and mobile device users would be able to send and receive text messages, provided that they have set Skype Preview as their default messaging application.

Messaging everywhere reportedly combines IMs and text messages in a single view, so users can check them seamlessly and to prevent clutter. It also has support for attaching media and comes with a slew of features, like hiding conversations and starting Skype calls directly from websites, as per Business Insider.

To distinguish this new feature from Skype’s paid service that also allows users to send text messages, Business Insider stated that the Internet-based communication service’s new feature basically makes it possible for one to send messages via the PC through a smartphone, just like Apple’s Continuity or Android’s Pushbullet.

While Skype’s Messaging feature has yet to arrive, the video chat and voice call services app has already penetrated the Xbox One store, with WinBeta reporting that the UWP app of the popular communications service is already registered on the Xbox marketplace as Skype Preview, but users will have to wait as the app is still not available for download.