• "Apotheosis" is a DLC-sized mod that adds new locations and an entirely new storyline
  • The mod will explore the arcane side of "Skyrim" involving the deities and Daedra
  • "Apotheosis" will feature fully-voiced characters and meticulously crafted assets

Over the past decade, “Skyrim” has received countless mods; ranging from minor memes to extravagant content drops. Soon, the game will receive one of its largest fan-made expansions in the form “Apotheosis,” a story-driven mod on an epic scale.

“Apotheosis” is an expansion mod that explores the eldritch aspects of “Skyrim’s” lore. As the Dragonborn, players are tasked with restoring the Heart of Lorkhan, otherwise known as Shor, the god of mortals. Players will traverse the 16 realms of the Daedric Princes as well as Dreamsleeve, the realm of the forgotten dead.

The mod was developed by a group of talented individuals, simply known as the Apotheosis team, who wanted to breathe more life into the less-explored facets of “The Elder Scrolls’” universe. To meet this goal, they meticulously handcrafted each of the Daedric Realms of Oblivion based on in-game lore to create stunning levels that are rooted in the game’s mythology.

Apotheosis is an upcoming mod for Skyrim that focuses on the supernatural side of the game's lore
Apotheosis is an upcoming mod for Skyrim that focuses on the supernatural side of the game's lore The Apotheosis Team

When combined, the total size of all new areas will equate to slightly over 20% of “Skyrim’s” overworld, according to the Apotheosis team.

“Apotheosis” will feature its own storyline that stays true to the original game’s fashion. The main story quests will be complemented by numerous side quests, all of which will be filled with interesting and complex characters that are written from scratch. The Daedric Princes will play a big part in the story of “Apotheosis,” and it’s exciting to see what the team has done with these powerful beings.

The mod will have fully-voiced characters as well as a dynamic narrative structure that reacts to player-made decisions. Based on available media, the Apotheosis team invested a lot in their art, from level design to scriptwriting and music scoring.

Gameplay-wise, players will get to collect a number of new items to help them on their quest for Lorkhan. The mod promises a variety of powerful new artifacts, armors, weapons and spells, all of which are custom-made.

The mod has been in development for years now, with a demo being available as far back as 2015. However, the team said, “If Apotheosis is a 1000 mile journey, we’re at the 900th mile of said journey.”

With the project being approximately 90% complete, excited fans will only have to wait a little while longer before they can explore the beautiful new worlds that the team has made over the years.