The trailer for the long-awaited Skyrim DLC is finally here. This is the first major expansion to hit the action-adventure game, and fans have been anticipating a downloadable content package since the game's November 2011 release.

The trailer gives fans the option of allying with two factions, and shows a hero's transformation into a vampire. However, gamers also see a player in the role of a stealthy hunter. The narrative voice questions whether or not the player is willing to joing the dark forces.

But what is it you seek? Is it to be one of us, to make the darkenss your own, to feast on the souls of the living and the dead? the narrator beckons.

The release date for this Dawnguard DLC has yet to be revealed, but when Bethesda Softworks announced the add-on they indicated a summer launch.

On May 1st, the Twitter account for Bethesda Softworks tweeted the announcement: Dawnguard. Coming this summer to Xbox 360. More details at E3.

The company filed a trademark for the term with a desciption of computer game software and video game consoles; downloadable computer game software offered via the Internet and wireless devices. back in March. This was a key giveaway that it was only a matter of time before a new expansion pack was announced, and now fans will have to wait patiently for a release date.

Fans learned that crossbow weapons would be integrated into gameplay after code was hidden in previous Skyrim patch notes, and with the trailer it is finally confirmed. It is safe to say that more information will be revealed about Dawnguard at the upcoming E3 conference next week, but for now check out the trailer below.