Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” has undergone yet another reboot in Season 4. After Abbie Mills’ death last season, the series has cast a new villain, a new female lead and some allies for Ichabod Crane and Abbie’s sister Jenny. Now, the network has added another new character.

“Salt” actor Kamar de los Reyes has landed a recurring role in “Sleepy Hollow” Season 4, Deadline reports. Reyes will play the role of Jobe. He is the bodyguard of Malcolm Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies). Dreyfuss also happens to be the main villain of the show in the upcoming season. The eccentric billionaire will stop at nothing to get what he wants including shedding blood whenever necessary and courting the famous Headless Horseman to do his bidding.

Reyes’ Jobe takes care of people who stand in the way of his boss’ big plans. That includes accosting scholar and soldier Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) when he gets in Dreyfuss’ way. Jobe also has a major storyline in Season 4.

Apart from hit movie “Salt” that starred Angelina Jolie, Reyes has also appeared in guest roles in “Castle,” “Kingdom” and “Pretty Little Liars.” Although a movie actor, he is no stranger to TV.

“Sleepy Hollow” is currently filming in Atlanta and returns in 2017. Henry Parrish (John Noble), Crane and Katrina’s (Katia Winter) son, will also appear in Season 4. The Fox show has cast “Awkward” actress Rachel Melvin as Alex Norwood, “Empire” actor Jerry MacKinnon as Jake Wells, a man who catalogues supernatural events and Diana’s 10-year-old daughter Molly Thomas (Oona Yaffe).

The setting of the show has changed from Sleepy Hollow in New York to Washington, D.C. where Ichabod will search for the second witness (and new partner) with Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood). He will continue the battle against evil and monsters.

“Sleepy Hollow” returns with Season 4 in 2017.