Smart people are going for dumbphones in the era of unending smartphone innovations. Here are some of the reasons why people with the capacity and ability to provide themselves with the latest fad in technology choose a more basic aide than what they can afford.

Focus on the Simple and Basic Phone Functions

With dumb phones commonly known as the smart feature phones, the basic purpose of staying connected is well taken care of. Smart people tend to overload themselves with so much concern that keeping the basic purpose of keeping in touch for immediate matters gives them the maximum utilization of the time spent on their phones.

Minimizes the Social Media Distractions

For people who do not basically depend on social media for contact, it helps to have a mode of communication that gives them what they exactly need without the distractions of added features that a smartphone has. Researchers say that smartphone users tend to visit their phone more often for online activities rather than checking their incoming calls or messages.

Portability Along With Affordability

As the competition between smartphones gets tighter, the traditional small compact design of a phone that can be carried anywhere is replaced with wider smartphone screens that require a bigger amount of space to keep them on. Dumb phones formerly called the basic phones to stick to their portable pocket size case which fits in the touchpad and the small screen together in one place. This comes absolutely friendly for people who prefer to travel light and are always on the go.

Affordability is one common benefit smart people get from their dumbphones. A smart feature phone could go as low as 10 times lower the smartphone selling price. iPhones could go to as high as $1000 while the high-end Samsung S10 could be priced at $3000 for the best specs.

Parental Strategy

For parents who want to teach their kids to be responsible in handling their own personal gadget, it helps to begin training the children to use basic phones without immediately giving them the freedom to explore the internet. This way they could learn to be accountable to communicate to their parents first before having the consciousness of social media activity.