Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are all copying one another as fast and frequently as possible to push back against competition from one another. Snapchat most recently added a feature to the app that allows users to add a comment when they share a photo from memories with friends.

It’s similar to what Instagram lets users do when they send a post via direct message. When you choose the little paper plane arrow looking button on Instagram and choose who to send to, there’s an option to add a message.

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Now on Snapchat you can do something similar. When you swipe up or select the button under the capture button to access your saved snaps, stories or camera roll you see all the photos you can share privately. Once you select a photo, you now have the option to add a message under the “add chat” function. Then you can select the friend or friends to send it to. Previously users were unable to add text to the message containing the image, they’d have to do that separately afterwards, a pain if you’re sending the same thing to multiple people.

But some users (including me) don’t have this feature yet even after updating the app.