Space: A Major Legal Void

The Earth, photographed by astronaut Nick Hague from the International Space Station on October 2, 2019


moon with two dark sides

Elon Musk Admits SpaceX’s Moon Base Refueling Station Could Fail

Elon Musk admitted that SpaceX’s plans of establishing a human base on the Moon could fail and affect the company’s spaceflight programs. According to Musk, the Moon may not have enough resources to serve as a refueling station for SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft.
Elon Musk

Did NASA Pay SpaceX $5 Million For An Anti-Drug Procedure?

NASA allegedly paid SpaceX $5 million to conduct a review within the company to ensure that its employees are not using illegal drugs. The agency reportedly made the move after the company’s founder Elon Musk was filmed while smoking marijuana last year.