Not even a nearing launch date would stop concept designers in coming up with their own vision of the much-anticipated Tesla pickup, Elon Musk’s mysterious and controversial utility vehicle that’s set to launch this month.

In fact, it seems that more designers are very motivated to release their own take on the vehicle which Musk describes as “cyberpunk” and something that none of the traditional pickup owners have seen in their life.

Per the Tesla CEO, the actual pickup which has not been seen in the public since it was teased early this year, is now being referred to as “cybertruck.” According to a report, Musk tweeted the latest clue of what the new Tesla pickup would look like.

“Cybertruck doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen bouncing around the Internet. It’s closer to an armored personnel carrier from the future,” Musk said on Twitter.

Musk’s latest description of the pickup has once more inspired a number of concept designers to visualize the enigmatic CEO’s newest statements. One of the most notable designs is a “pickup” that seems closest to Musk’s vision of the vehicle looking like armored personnel. Sporting an all-black exterior, the vehicle in question seems like a more urban take on SpaceX’ Mars rover that can be seen in an artist’s perspective of the private space agency’s Mars mission.

Per a report, the new design omits that Ram track features of most pickups today and totally transformed it into a pickup of the future. There is another version however with a truck bed, something that even Musk himself admitted Tesla will be created because they know that the current design (which people are yet to see) won’t appeal to everyone.

Some analysts believe that the Tesla pickup will be the foundation of space vehicles that will be used on the surface of Planet Mars once SpaceX launches its mission to the Red Planet. If so, then Musk’s “armored personnel carrier from the future” would fit right in the terrains of Mars.

The Tesla pickup is notably the most interesting vehicle in the electric vehicle brand’s lineup even if we’ve yet to see an actual full image of the truck. The only clue we have seen so far is an obscure teaser that was showcased in March this year.

Musk’s controversial “cyberpunk” description of the truck has inspired various concept designers to come up with their own versions of the futuristic vehicle. The base model will have a price tag of around $49,000 to $50,000. It will also be quite impressive in terms of performance as the vehicle could have a total towing capacity of 300,000 pounds and even run up to 500 miles on full capacity.

Tesla P for Pickup concept
Tesla P for Pickup concept Emre Husmen