As the launch of the new Tesla pickup draws near, we continue to hear different theories and see various concept designs from artists who can’t wait for the reveal of Elon Musk’s most mysterious vehicle.

For the past few months, we’ve seen various renders from amazing artists like Turkish designer Emre Husmen who pretty much started the Tesla pickup render trend. No one has seen the actual pickup so far but Musk’s provocative “cyberpunk” description has pretty much put people’s imagination into overdrive.

But what’s truly amazing is that Musk has “belittled” all these concept designs, saying that the actual pickup is going to be more ‘Blade Runner’-esque.” What this means is anyone’s guess but one thing is for sure, Tesla fans and designers continue to be at a frenzy trying to capture Musk’s vision for the new utility vehicle.

The latest design, which some are already regarding as one of the closest to the real deal when compared to the obscure teaser shared during the launch of the Tesla Model Y, comes from a very unlikely designer. The illustration, you see, comes from 13-year old fan Joshua Thompson of Drivable Designs.

Now don’t turn up your noses to his design just yet - the Tesla cybertruck (as what Musk has recently started calling the pickup), is masterfully designed to incorporate the polarizing teaser. What’s more, it also reflected another one of Musk’s bombshell descriptions - that the Tesla pickup will look like a personnel carrier of the future.

“Joshua drew this new Tesla Pickup rendering based on Tesla CEO Elon Musk's recent description. Musk said the truck will look like an armored personal carrier (APC) from the future. Joshua used an image of an APC and the Tesla Pickup teaser for reference and basic sketch pencils to complete his drawing. After the drawing was complete, he transformed it into a digital rendering using Autodesk Sketchbook,” a report said.

What’s more, the concept subtly mimics the idea that the Tesla pickup is going to be the platform to which SpaceX’ Mars rover is going to be patterned. The concept vehicle looks like the rover depicted by SpaceX’ Mars mission artist concept although the design is obviously more toned down.

With all these amazing interpretations of the Tesla pickup, waiting for the November launch has arguably become more exciting.

Tesla pickup on a Tesla truck
Fans will learn more about Tesla Cybertruck Pickup a few days from now as Elon Musk reveals that it is scheduled to be unveiled. Tesla Inc.