'Mass Effect 3' Ending: BioWare Responds To DLC Mistake, 'We Never Considered Charging' [VIDEO]
On April 10th BioWare released the "Resurgence Pack" as a free downloadable content addition for "Mass Effect 3" players. However, speculation stirred when a paid version of the DLC was accidentally released to the public, leaving some fans confused. Mass Effect

BioWare has just released the 'Mass Effect 3' Resurgence Pack, a downloadable content extension to the widely-controversial RPG game. The pack will hit Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC players today, and is one of the efforts made by the developers to satisfy fans who have expressed dissatisfaction with the game.

The new DLC is free for gamers to download and includes six new classes, two new maps, and three new weapons. The official BioWare website lists all of the features and upgrades included in the package. The Mass Effect 3 patch, which fixes facial importation issues among others, launched yesterday for the PC and is now available for consoles as well.

While players may be excited for the new DLC and patch updates, there are still plenty of gripes from the sci-fi space shooter's diehard fan base. A survey was published today on HoldTheLine.com, an activist site dedicated to revising the ending to the sensationalized game, that recorded what bothered fans most about the conclusion.

The data was presented in the form of a graph titled Issues with ME3 and their relative importance to the community. So far, the sample size for the survey is 342, but the poll is still open for fans to voice their opinions.

There were 12 total categories for players to cast their vote, and the top ranking issue that bothered the most fans was Major decisions irrelevant (Council, Rachni, Collector Base). In second place was major themes of series seem forgotten during ending, which was almost closely tied with The Normandy escape (no way they would flee.) The category to fall in last place was Companions from ME2 (if they were saved/loyal).

Earlier in March, about a week after the game was released, a survey from Computer and Video Games reported that 86 percent of players were unsatisfied with the game's ending.

Although some gamers may feel that a revised ending is the only acceptable option, that doesn't stop the Mass Effect fan following from eagerly awaiting the DLC release. Earlier today a fan tweeted at the game's official Twitter account asking when the content will be available.

No ETA, but it will be released today. Please check your online marketplace for the DLC, was the response at nearly 10 a.m. this morning.

Check out the trailer below to preview the Resurgence Pack.