Note 9
Note 9 users suffering camera freezing and lagging. TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the best Android smartphones of 2018, but it doesn’t mean that it is immune to problems. Some users are reporting that the camera on their Note 9 units are freezing for some unknown reason.

Some Note 9 owners are complaining on the Samsung official forums that their camera was freezing every time they take a picture. In some cases, users would notice a bit of lag when they try to record videos using the Note 9’s default camera app. No one has pinpointed the cause of the problem, but some forum users have already found a temporary solution.

Users who are experiencing a similar issue should try to clear the phone’s system partition cache. Although this can fix the problem for a short while, the freezing and lagging would still reappear for many users, as pointed out by SamMobile. Luckily, Samsung has acknowledged the problem and said that it’s currently working on a permanent fix.

“Our specialists have given us the directive that an update is coming out to fix this issue specifically. However, due to us being unable to speculate on the release of future updates, I don’t have an exact date for when to expect this,” a Samsung moderator wrote in the company forum.

The Galaxy Note 9 was released by Samsung in August and it arrived with a starting price of $999.99 for the 128GB model. With that kind of pricing, it’s understandable that users affected by this issue are frustrated. Some users in the official Samsung forum have already replaced their Note 9 units with a non-Samsung device. For those willing to wait for Samsung to release a fix, they have no choice but to play the waiting game.

The exact reason why this is happening hasn’t been uncovered yet, but there is one key detail that’s worth noting. The camera problem on the Note 9 seems to be only affecting units that are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Handsets powered by that specific chipset is only being sold in the United States, South Korea and in few other key markets, according to Android Authority. In other regions, the Galaxy Note 9 is powered by Samsung’s own Exynos processors.