Samsung Galaxy S7 Nougat Update
Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S7 smartphone is seen at its headquarters in Seoul, July 28, 2016. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

Some Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones have experienced screen problems where a pink line appears across the phone’s display, according to various user reports.

Via technology blog Myce, users on social media and through channels including Samsung’s forums have documented a problem where a single vertical pink line runs from the top to the bottom of the phone screen near the right hand side. In most of these reports, users have said the phone was not dropped or exposed to liquid damage.

As Myce notes, Samsung’s European affiliate has offered to repair screens for phones that are under warranty. In addition, Samsung forum moderators have recommended users send in phones with problems for evaluation. Some users have also reported successfully troubleshooting the issue by dialing the combination of “*#0*#” on the phone dial pad and clicking Red, Green and Blue.

While the scope of the issue remains to be seen for Galaxy S7 users, Samsung likely hopes it remains a small and easily fixable issue. The company has begun to move past the fallout from the scandal over the Galaxy Note 7, which was plagued by batteries that had a chance of exploding. In a press conference Sunday, Samsung said manufacturing defects on two different battery models lead to the spate of exploding smartphones. Although the scandal caused a dip in smartphone sales for Samsung, the company found that users generally stayed with the company’s products.