The live-action "Sonic the Hedgehog" movie is looking leagues different than the original trailer, and that's all for the better.

Paramount Pictures gave the fastest thing alive a brand new trailer to show off exactly what the hedgehog will look like when the movie drops in 2020. The results are shockingly great – Sonic looks much closer to his original video game incarnation.

Many of the complaints fans brought to life before, including his strange eyes, human-like teeth, and strange lanky figure, have been revamped for a slightly more rotund Sonic that gives the entire trailer a much more playful lilt. The main premise is still the same: Sonic has to enlist the help of a sheriff from a real-world city in his quest to save the world. Dr. Eggman isn't too far behind him, bringing his nefarious version of evil-doing to the table. Portrayed by Jim Carrey, it looks like a striking return to form for the actor.

Sonic The Hedgehog  - Ring
Sonic the Hedgehog holds a shiny golden ring in a screenshot from the upcoming live-action film. Sega

After numerous complaints from both hardcore Sonic fans and moviegoers, the team at Paramount was forced to make massive changes to the way Sonic was designed, for fear of the movie bombing horribly at the box office – and upsetting the fans, of course. There were several heated requests for Sega and Paramount Pictures to alter the bizarre design, and after a couple of weeks, the creators caved to pressure to do just that, promising fans they'd take their time, listen to criticism, and come back with a new product.

The original Sonic iteration was a bizarre mixture of the classic video game character's look, mixed with modern sensibilities that fans just weren't interested in. As such, the required tweaks to make Sonic workable took a much longer time to complete. Previously, the movie was meant to debut in November, but it has since been moved back to Feb. 14, 2020.

It looks like this Sonic has design traits that should please most everyone who's enjoyed the hedgehog's antics over the years. How the movie will perform, however, is anyone's business. It looks like fans are happy with the changes, though, and the movie should be markedly improved based on the aesthetic changes alone.