• "Sons Of The Forest" will release on May 20, 2022
  • The game features a new setting, new items and more
  • Modern weapons like shotguns and pistols will be included 

A new trailer for “Sons Of The Forest” has been revealed alongside the game’s actual release date after almost a year of total radio silence from the developers.

New footage featuring actual gameplay of the upcoming open-world survival horror game was recently released by IGN, showing some grisly violence amidst an otherwise peaceful and mundane-looking forest. The new game contains many of the features found in the original “The Forest,” such as base-building, cave exploration, hunting and gathering that are all presented to be as immersive as possible.

Much of “Sons Of The Forest’s” core gameplay remains the same as its predecessor’s. Players will find themselves lost and isolated in a remote location surrounded by many hostile cannibals and monstrous mutants. The goal of the game is to survive for as long as possible while simultaneously unraveling the mystery behind the seemingly normal area.

The developer Endnight has been very quiet about the game’s specifics. Other than a few screenshots and three trailers, not much of “Sons Of The Forest” has been revealed.

Based on the available media, players will take the role of a new protagonist in a completely different area from the original “The Forest.” The new game will take place on what appears to be a different island and based on the recently released trailer, there might be friendly NPCs this time around.

Hunt animals, gather resources and do whatever it takes to survive in Sons of the Forest Hunt animals, gather resources and do whatever it takes to survive in Sons of the Forest Photo: Endnight

The newest feature that stands out most is the inclusion of modern firearms like a shotgun and a pistol. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t shown if players could craft or replenish ammunition for these weapons in some way. Ammo for unique weapons in the previous game was finite, so it would be no surprise if modern bullets existed in limited quantities in this game as well.

Enemies in this new area appear to be more heavily mutated than in the original island. The trailer showed a multi-limbed mutant scampering across a cave’s ceiling as well as a towering mutant that easily surpassed some trees in terms of height.

“Sons Of The Forest” was originally scheduled for release this year, but it has since been pushed back to May 20, 2022.