Disgruntled “No Man’s Sky” players who have requested for a refund are now sharing their experience on how Sony is treating them after canceling the game. These players have taken to NeoGAF to voice out what they think is an unfair move by the company.

Early this week, The Wolf Hall stumbled upon a NeoGAF thread where players shared the same sentiments on getting blocked or being unable to access PSN Support chat since returning “No Man’s Sky” for a refund.

One of the players, who go by the account name of Admiral Woofington, started the NeoGAF thread by sharing how his and his friends’ IDs were blocked from accessing the PSN Support chat without prior notice. According to him, the common denominator between him and his friends is they all requested for a refund recently. He admitted that he got a refund out of “No Man’s Sky” as a “one time gesture of good will” from Sony.

Other NeoGAF users chimed in to give their two cents on the issue raised by Admiral Woofington. User Kyoufu wrote that after getting refunded for “No Man’s Sky,” his PSN ID was blocked on the web chat service. On the other hand, user Whales complained that “Sony’s policies are awful” and he is not pre-ordering digital content from the company anymore.

GameZone also picked up what the NeoGAF users are complaining about and shared that the only way around to get access to the PSN Support chat is by filling out the form before starting a chat with a different username. The gaming site noted, however, that it’s possible that Sony’s agents would terminate the chat once they find out that one is using an alternative username or account.

Meanwhile, N4G says that there is no proof to establish the fact that Sony is indeed blocking “No Man’s Sky” players who got refunds for the game. The gaming news aggregate site explained that what is available as of late are just stories of people claiming their PSN IDs were blocked by CS Chat published on the internet.

Sony has yet to address this new issue being thrown to it, but GameZone hopes that this is just an error that will be fixed soon. The Wolf Hall opined that it is not clear at this point if the refunds really have something to do with the IDs getting blocked.

The complaints come amid the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) investigation on Hello Games for the alleged false advertising it did to sell “No Man’s Sky.”