Samsung has yet to fully recover from the blunder with the Samsung Galaxy Fold after the screens of the foldable devices broke in front of many reviewers. However, Sony is reportedly planning to release its own foldable phone to soon, and it could be using Samsung’s controversial display technology.

According to MsPowerUser, Sony is quietly preparing to release a foldable phone under the Xperia product line. This device is said to use Samsung’s flexible OLED technology. The device will be called Xperia F and it is believed to be followed by the release of the next-generation Xperia 2 that’ll continue the main smartphone line of Xperia series.

The report comes at a time when Samsung is still trying to recover from the Galaxy Fold fiasco. After reviews of the device’s commendable specs came out, reviewers soon found a problem with debris entering the screen. Repeated folds worsened the crease in the middle of the device that allowed debris to get in.

Both problems contributed to the bad durability of the device which spurred many reviewers to throw flak on Samsung’s ambitious smartphone. Samsung has also delayed a reveal event for the Galaxy Fold after the bad reviews came out. Lastly, the Galaxy Fold’s supposed April 26 release was delayed to an unspecified date.

Given the situation, Sony can use this opportunity to market its Xperia F well and establish a strong presence in the foldable display market. So far, none of the leading companies in the foldable phone industry have introduced a device that garnered a lot of attention from possible buyers. Royole’s Flexpai managed to do the foldable device correctly, but it doesn’t impress many of its reviewers.

Meanwhile, Huawei is also next to Samsung when it comes to development of foldable phones, but the company’s devices have been banned from going stateside. The U.S. government has banned Huawei due to its mistrust of how Huawei’s network handles data privacy.

While Sony is putting itself in a good position, the Japanese company has stopped selling Xperia phones outside its major target markets. So far, the Xperia’s major markets are Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Mexico. If the new Sony foldable device is truly an Xperia device, interested consumers in the U.S. will have to obtain the device from these countries. For now, we’ll have to wait on Sony on how it plans to sell its new foldable device.