Tributes to the late Steve Jobs are left outside the Apple Store in London
Tributes to the late Steve Jobs are left outside the Apple Store in London October 6, 2011. Technology and design admirers flocked to Apple stores worldwide on Thursday to express their sorrow at the death of Steve Jobs, the visionary who transformed the daily lives of millions. The Apple co-founder who inspired the Macintosh computer, iPod, iPhone and iPad died on Wednesday at the age of 56 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He stepped down as Apple chief executive in August. Reuters

Sony is negotiating for the movie rights to the Steve Jobs' biography, the only authorized biography on Jobs. If Sony succeeds, the movie would like to be released late next year or the year after next.

The biography Steve Jobs is set to release on October 24, and retails for $17.

Mark Gordon, who has produced Saving Private Ryan, The Day After Tomorrow, Source Code and 2012, would take over this movie that is in the works.

One year ago, Sony Pictures has had a remarkable success on The Social Network, a biopic on another tech star, the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It has shown no hesitation to pay between $1 million to $3 million for the movie rights, as the movie about Steve Jobs is likely to gross numerous of box-office receipts.

Walter Isaacson, former chairman of CNN and ex-managing editor for Time magazine, wrote this book based on more than 40 interviews with Jobs and over 100 conversations with his family members, friends, and colleagues, according to

Jobs had revealed that he wants his kids to know him through a biography, saying I wasn't always there for them (kids), and I wanted them to know why and to understand what I did.

Early in 1999, a TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley had presented the young Jobs as a creative entrepreneur with passion for success and perfection.

Jobs passed away on Oct. 5, just a day after the release of iPhone 4S, which features A5 processor, an 8 MP camera, iOS 5, and voice assistant Siri.