Sony revealed new weapons from 'The Order: 1886.' Courtesy/Sony

On Friday, Sony Computer Entertainment revealed some new weapons from coming action-adventure game “The Order: 1886.” The title, which is currently in development by Sony and Irvine, California-based Ready at Dawn Studios, will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on Feb. 20, 2015.

“With a growing number of weapons manufacturers around the world and Nikola Tesla as their chief scientist, the Knights of the Order have a vast array of armament at their disposal,” Sony explained on its blog on Friday. “The inclusion of Tesla into the game allowed us to ground many of the technological advancements we wanted to add to our history in reality. We used weapons based on existing technology in the Victorian Era but also created others that stretched the realm of what was possible at the time.”

Rifle from 'The Order: 1886.' Courtesy/Sony

“The Order: 1886” is a single-player, action-adventure title set in an alternate history where an ancient order of knights is responsible for keeping the world safe from half-human, half-animal monsters. Set in the 19th century, the story focuses on the war between King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table engaging in battle with the monsters. A newly discovered supernatural substance called black water allows the knights to heal themselves and extend their lives.

New weapon from 'The Order: 1886.' Courtesy/Sony
Weapon from 'The Order: 1886.' Courtesy/Sony

“Because our Industrial Revolution is a result of the war between Humans and Half-Breeds, many of the inventions of our timeline are primarily focused on ways to aid in this fight. Guns such as the Carbine, the Coach Gun or the Maschinenpistole are common occurrence in the game and represent the technology of the era,” Sony continued. “While others based on electricity such as the Arc Gun, or based on alternate ammunition such as the Aluminum Iron Oxide of the Thermite Rifle, provide a way for us to use real technologies and materials of the times, while building weapons that did not exist.”

The title has been in development since 2010 and will be produced by SCE Santa Monica Studio. “The Order: 1886” was announced during the Electronic Entertainment Expo last June.