One of the rumors surrounding the PlayStation 5 is that it will have a Pro version. It seems that the rumor is seemingly confirmed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Executive Vice President of Hardware Engineering Masayusu Ito, according to a new report. While the Japanese console maker already confirmed the arrival of the next-generation gaming console, it appears that Sony is also preparing for its plans years after the launch of the PlayStation 5.

Game Informer recently spoke with Sony’s Masayusu Ito about the PlayStation 5, who revealed that the typical life cycle of a gaming console is usually between 7 and 10 years. However, because of the fast evolution and development of technology, it’s become a six or seven years platform cycle, the executive explained. The interview also revealed that Sony is considering a six to seven years life cycle for the PS5 and that the company would be able to change the hardware itself and try to introduce technological advancements.

PlayStation Now Andrew House
PlayStation 5 might have a Pro version based on the new statement of Sony's Executive Vice President, who hinted this possibility. Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Sony has tried doing it with the PlayStation 4, which was the test case of the idea of shorter life cycles of the console with hardware refreshes like the PlayStation 4 Pro. The Pro version was released a few years following the release of the PS4. The Pro version, as we all know, is a more powerful model and offered 4K graphics in video games like “Red Dead Redemption 3,” “Shadow of the Colossus,” and “Tomb Raider.”

The Executive Vice President is not officially confirming that Sony will release a PlayStation 5 Pro console. However, it appears as though the Japanese console maker has already put some thought about the idea. The PlayStation 4 is the best-selling gaming console in history, and what Sony did with the PlayStation 4 Pro may have contributed to helping the company achieve that feat.

The PlayStation 4 Pro also helped Sony ward off competition against the Xbox One X, which was Microsoft’s powerful mid-cycle gaming console. This could back the idea of releasing the PlayStation 5 Pro. If Sony decides to release a PlayStation 5 Pro, it is not along in this line of thinking.

Rumors have it that Microsoft is also planning to release a couple of next-generation gaming consoles in Xbox Project Scarlett. Whispers claim Anaconda will be its powerful console, while Lockhart will be its more affordable model. Meanwhile, PlayStation 5 is confirmed to arrive sometime in the holiday of 2020.