• Bandai Namco has confirmed the release of Haohmaru this Spring 2020
  • Developers made Haohmaru mostly similar to his playstyle in his original game
  • Haohmaru is the second character of the Season 2 set of incoming fighters for the title

Bandai Namco has recently revealed a gameplay trailer for its second season 2 DLC character, Haohmaru. Similar to “Tekken 7’s” Geese Howard, the upcoming character will be a fighting game character from SNK’s titles. However, Bandai Namco has only given a release window instead of an exact date.

During the festivities of the premier fighting game tournament, EVO Japan 2020, Bandai Namco released the trailer for Haohmaru in “Soul Calibur 6.” The trailer shows Haohmaru facing off “Soul Calibur’s” resident samurai, Mitsurugi, in a duel. In the trailer, Haohmaru shows off many of his signature moves from his appearances in “Samurai Shodown.”

As for his gameplay, an official statement coming from the developers confirm that they’ve developed Haohmaru to be as similar as his source game’s counterpart. “If you want to play Haohmaru in 'Soul Calibur'… We’ll make the playability as same as possible so you can practice him in 'Samurai Shodown,'” the statement reading, according to the translator in the livestream of “Soul Calibur 6’s” EVO Japan 2020 tournament.

Haohmaru’s inclusion in Bandai Namco’s fighting game isn’t the first as Geese Howard has long been available in “Tekken 7” as a fighter. Instead of the main character, “Tekken 7” has included one of the most iconic villains in SNK’s “King of Fighters” series. The character is mostly known for his immense power compared to most of the cast and his penchant to taunt and belittle his opponents in English.

Haohmaru’s release for “Soul Calibur 6” has been nailed down to Spring 2020 with no definite dates within the timeframe yet. After Haohmaru, two more characters are to be added to the title to finish up on its season 2 set of characters.

Bandai Namco Soul Calibur 6
"Soul Calibur 6" character Hilde ready for battle. Bandai Namco/Soul Calibur 6/Twitter