Rapper Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, is now selling his own video game console. The “Crank That” rapper’s console is called SouljaGame and is now being sold on his official website for $149.99, down from its original $199.99 price tag.

The SoujaGame console comes with over 800 preinstalled games, but there’s no complete list available of what those titles are. The console comes with AV and HDMI ports, along with two controllers that resemble PlayStation’s DualShock gamepads. The console itself comes with a design that’s very reminiscent of Microsoft’s Xbox One S, as pointed out by IGN.

On the software side of things, the SouljaGame console is running Linux 3.0 OS. The gaming console can allegedly output at 4K resolution, but the problem with this is that the console is an emulator that only runs games from older generation consoles, like the first PlayStation, the Nintendo Entertainment System and the GameBoy Advance.

In addition to the home console, Soulja Boy is also selling a handheld gaming device called the SouljaGame Handheld. The device comes with a 3-inch display and it has over 3,000 preinstalled games, according to Game Rant. The portable gaming device will also allow players to install additional games. The SouljaGame Handheld is another emulator that’s able to run games originally meant for the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, the PlayStation Vita and others.

Both the SouljaGame Console and Handheld gaming devices are simply rebranded versions of the ANBERNIC video game emulators. The same exact devices that can be found on ANBERNIC’s AliExpress online store are being sold at a less expensive price.

The SouljaGame Console is on sale for $149.99, but the original ANBERNIC model that it’s based on retails for just $79.49 online. Meanwhile, the SouljaGame Handheld is currently listed with a price of $99, but the original ANBERNIC model is being sold at $59.99. Users will also be able to find the same devices on Amazon or other online stores for even cheaper prices.

It’s clear that Soulja Boy is simply “dropshipping” these items, which is rebranding items that someone else has manufactured and selling it with a huge markup to make money. Fans on Twitter are already roasting the rapper for selling these devices, but it also appears as though many of his fans are still buying the devices.