The music streaming service Spotify was down on Wednesday with many users reporting receiving error messages while trying to use the service. Users on mobile devices as well as using the desktop version of the service were reporting issues with search, playlist creation and the music player just not working.

Early Wednesday morning, one of Spotify's social media accounts tweeted that the company was doing some "quick maintenance" and that normal service would resume. About an hour and a half later the message "All systems are go. Please proceed to Rock!" was tweeted out on the same account.

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About eight hours later users began experiencing issues with the service. The account again tweeted about the issue.

SpotifyCares, the company's support Twitter account also tweeted about the afternoon issue. 

Neither account gave any information about what the issue was but assured concerned users that they were aware of the issue and were working to make it right.

Users were not happy, and they expressed their frustration on Twitter.

Some users were speculating that the outage had something to do with the new Paramore song. Hayley Williams, the band's lead singer even tweeted about it. shows that the outage is widespread across the United States and the United Kingdom with some reports of outages in other regions of the world as well.

About 45 minutes after the tweet acknowledging the issue was posted, SpotifyCares tweeted again saying that the issue had been resolved. The tweet advised any users still experiencing issues to close the app and then reopen it again. Spotify did not give a reason for the outage.

The music streaming company has seen competition lately from other services introducing new plans. SoundCloud and Pandora each began offering their users new plans in the past months that rival Spotify's Premium plan. 

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SoundCloud introduced SoundCloud Go in February for just $4.99 a month. The service offers offline listening of more than 120 million songs with no ads. There’s also a Go+ plan that offers more songs and higher quality streaming.

Pandora launched its Premium plan a few weeks after SoundCloud’s launch. The plan lets users choose specific songs and albums to create playlists for offline listening and helps them create perfect playlists. Pandora employs their music matching software to help make the perfect playlists for users, this plan is $9.99 a month.

Spotify has a leg up on both services because it offers a variety of plans and has a well-established library and frequent new releases. One of its most appealing offers is the student offer and the family plan option for Premium accounts that are discounted but come with all the perks of a full Premium account.

International Business Times reached out to Spotify regarding Wednesday's service outage but had not heard back at the time of this post.