Spotify's Daily Mix playlists are created based on the user's musical taste and listening habits. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Spotify may already be delivering Discover Weekly playlists that provide listeners a wide range of new music they might like, but now the company will be doing something new. Earlier today, the music streaming service started rolling out a new feature called Daily Mix, a bunch of playlists that update every 24 hours.

Like Discover Weekly, which is already a year old, Spotify’s Daily Mix is able to create playlists based on the user’s musical taste. However, that’s apparently the only similarity those features share.

“In a lot of wats it’s the opposite of Discover Weekly,” Spotify’s lead in development of music discover and personalization Matt Ogle told The Verge. “Daily Mix is trying to take the work out of hitting a button and always hearing music that you love.”

Everyday, users will get a set of one to six mixes. The number of mixes will depend on the user’s listening habits in recent weeks. If a user listens to a wide range of genres, the possibility of having more than just one mix increases.

Spotify Daily Mix
Daily Mixes are generated automatically and updates every 24 hours. TechCrunch

Unlike Discover Weekly, Daily Mix isn’t really about discovering new music that a user might like. The feature is about delivering playlists composed of music that users already love. The only real problem with this is that Daily Mixes are strictly segregated based on genre.

Think of it as radio stations playing songs based on genre, as pointed out by Recode. However, this could also be an annoyance for some listeners who want all their favorite songs in one playlist. Luckily, all of the daily mixes are found in one place, so users can easily switch between them anytime or start queueing songs from each of them.

This is also a way for Spotify to cater to more casual listeners. After all, there’s a lot of people who don’t want to put in the effort to create or update their own playlists. There are also users who simply can’t decide what to listen to, and the Daily Mix is intended to solve that problem.

“When we started we were just a search box and millions of track, and today the most engaged users are the people who maintain and built and keep their playlists up to date,” Ogle told TechCrunch. “But as we grow we attract music lovers who don’t want to put that effort in and do that day to day, so we hope that this will bring that kind of engagement to them.”

Spotify’s Daily Mix is currently being rolled out, but users who haven’t listened to any songs the past week might not get it just yet. It may take about two weeks before it will appear on the user’s library.