Dutch luxury car maker Spyker Cars said on Monday it was still in talks to buy Swedish auto brand Saab from General Motors, but gave no indication of when a deal might be clinched.

The future of Saab is hanging in the balance after U.S. owner General Motors nominated two wind-down supervisors last week but, at the same, said it was considering bids for Saab.

Spyker Cars chief executive Victor Muller told Reuters on Monday that talks with GM were ongoing, adding it was unclear when we will be done. He did not say whether GM had imposed a deadline for a deal to be sealed.

A spokesman for GM Europe had earlier said GM was still in talks about Saab, but did not say whether GM was talking to one or several buyers.

The talks between GM and Spyker Cars come after more than 500 Dutch Saab enthusiasts toured on Sunday to support the brand.

Also on Sunday, Muller denied reports of a joint bid for Saab with another bidder, Genii Capital.

(Reporting by Ben Berkowitz; Writing by Aaron Gray-Block; Editing by Dan Lalor)