Activision is rumored to announce the "Spyro the Dragon" trilogy remaster in March. REUTERS/ Mike Blake

Video game publisher Activision successfully brought back “Crash Bandicoot” last year with the “N. Sane Trilogy” remaster. For 2018, the company is rumored to be reviving another fan-favorite brand and it’s none other than "Spyro the Dragon."

Activision is currently working on a “Spyro the Dragon Trilogy Remaster,” multiple sources familiar with the project told Kotaku UK. The upcoming collection of remastered games is rumored to be announced next month and to be released sometime during the third quarter of 2018.

Like “Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy,” this “Spyro the Dragon” remaster is said to arrive with new assets, lighting, animations and cinematics. The soundtracks from the original “Spyro” trilogy are also said to be remastered for the upcoming release. Aside from updating the look and feel of the original “Spyro the Dragon” trilogy, it will also arrive with new features like an updated save feature. This is expected to be something similar to how Activision updated the save feature on the “N. Sane Trilogy.”

Like the “N. sane Trilogy,” the “Spyro the Dragon” remaster is being developed by Vicarious Visions. The “Crash Bandicoot” remaster saw huge success last year and it makes sense that Activision would bring back Vicarious Visions to remaster the “Spyro the Dragon” for current-generation consoles.

The remaster will include “Spyro the Dragon,” “Ripto’s Rage!” and “Year of the Dragon.” It has also been suggested that the remaster will include some new content that was cut from the original release of the three games. This is also something that Activision did with the “N. Sane Trilogy” when it released the Stormy Ascent level as an add-on, as pointed out by GameSpot.

The “Spyro the Dragon” trilogy remaster, which will be announced in March, will be a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. The release date is only stated as “Q3 2018,” but one of Kotaku UK’s sources said that September may be the likely launch month for the upcoming “Spyro” remaster. This seems very likely considering that the month will mark the 20th anniversary of the very first “Spyro the Dragon” game for the original PlayStation.

Since the “Spyro the Dragon” trilogy remaster is a timed exclusive for the PS4, it should be ported to other game systems sometime in 2019. The “N. Sane Trilogy” is also a timed exclusive for the PS4, and it’s expected to be made available to other systems later this year.