The hype behind “Star Wars Battlefront” is undeniable, but it’s not only the fans that are excited. Within Dice (EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts) and the team working on the title, the excitement is channeled into creating a universe that resembles the original that fans have come to love. 

Dice recently shared customization and graphics details of the game in a tweet and an interview. “We want you to feel like you’re in the actual Star Wars universe, not just someone’s reimagining of it,” said Ken Brown, Dice's technical art director for "Star Wars Battlefront,"  in the official website.

To achieve this, the team shared that the main philosophy in creating a game faithful to the lore is in making use of the right tools to support their thrust. According to Dice, this involves a technology called Physical Based Rendering. In a nutshell, PBR allows the developers to render elements in the game with a grounding on physical properties and laws. This serves a two-way benefit, both for the creators and the players of “Star Wars Battlefront.”

For the developers, tweaking objects and levels is no longer a huge hurdle as it used to be. With the right values, character, elements and vehicles can work in any environment that it will be placed in. Given the multifaceted and multiple areas in “Star Wars Battlefront,” this is a boost, work-wise.

The players, on the other hand, will be more immersed in exploring the environment. Realism not only in the world but also in player interaction becomes even more possible, as the weather is one of the more different layers of gameplay realism that the developers have looked into.

Apart from the technology coming with “Star Wars Battlefront,” the developer also hinted some customization options that the players can enjoy. Gamepur reports a tweet from the official EA Star Wars Twitter account stating that the game will allow customization of different elements, including character heads, emotes, loadouts and more.

Design Director Niklas Fegraeus expounded on the idea of customization in an exclusive interview with GamesRadar. The way that the developer imagined customization hints at how players would have enjoyed their physical Star Wars toy vehicles. “When you played with your Star Wars toys, you created your own battles and your own fantasies with those. … This is essentially the same thing, but now created in a video game environment,” said Fegreaus.

This banks on the “Star Wars Battlefront” universe being immersive and authentic. The developers are ensuring that this will be the case by ensuring that it has the kind of fluidity and the features that fans ask for. One of these is the ability to play first- and third-person views, a feature which the player can fully control.

Dice mentioned a power-up system in order to play some iconic characters. Upon obtaining such a power-up, players can choose to play as the iconic characters to turn the tide of the battle.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), scheduled for June 16-18 in Los Angeles, is expected to be the next arena for release of more “Star Wars Battlefront” details. The game is expected to hit Sony's PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and the PC on Nov. 17.

"Star Wars Battlefront" trailer (Credit: YouTube/EAStarWars)