• "Homecoming" will add a remastered version of Trumbull Valley to "State of Decay 2"
  • The DLC will also add new weapons, outfits, achievements and bases
  • The update is free to all who own "State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition"

Xbox announced a new update is coming to “State of Decay 2” very soon, featuring a remastered map with plenty of new items to use and locations to explore.

The “Homecoming” update for “State of Decay 2” will thrust players back to Trumbull Valley, the main region of the first “State of Decay” game set a couple of years after the “Heartland” DLC. Players will get to experience Trumbull Valley after the DLC’s main narrative, with the area now back to some semblance of normality amid a mutant zombie apocalypse.

This new version of the Trumbull Valley map will feature more explorable areas than the “Heartland” version. Additionally, players won’t have to worry about the incessant number of blood plague zombies. There will be six new bases in the remastered map as well as a plethora of new weapons and outfits for players to use, as well as new missions and achievements to accomplish.

State Of Decay 2 Homecoming will add a remastered map along with new weapons to use and areas to explore
State Of Decay 2 Homecoming will add a remastered map along with new weapons to use and areas to explore Xbox Game Studios

Players who own “State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition” will receive the “Homecoming” update for free. Xbox Game Pass users will also be able to access the DLC free of charge. The update will arrive on Sept. 1.

Xbox also recently noted that “State of Decay 2” has breached the 10 million unique players mark, which is quite the achievement for an almost 3-year-old game. The game has received constant support from its developer Undead Labs in the form of free updates and paid expansion content, as well as continuous bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

“State of Decay 2” mixes up the typical zombie survival game formula by focusing on community management and the restoration of civilization. Players get to manage each of their randomly-generated survivors and interact with other AI-controlled factions in an attempt to bring some semblance of order back to a zombie infested world.

The game places a heavy emphasis on resource management and difficult decision making as players are placed in scenarios that often bring major repercussions to their community of survivors and the greater region as a whole. On top of this, satisfying melee combat and randomized encounters make “State of Decay 2” a must-play for fans of the zombie survival genre.