8. Steve Jobs: 'Google Ripped off The iPhone'
8. Steve Jobs: 'Google Ripped off The iPhone' Reuters

Steve Jobs, the authorized biography of the man by Walter Isaacson, indeed gives the scoop on many interesting details of the Apple founder's life.

Apple Lead Designer Jony Ive was Jobs' spiritual partner at the company. Jobs ranted at his subordinates. Many feared Jobs' angry impatience, but one little factoid that came out of the book was a bit of a mystery. Jobs revealed in the book that he managed to drive around without putting a license plate on his Mercedes. He had one, he just didn't put it on the car. Wouldn't you get a ticket for that? Perhaps Jobs happily paid any fines and just kept doing it. That sounds like him, right?

No, Jobs simply took advantage of a law that gives new cars in California a six-month window in which to affix the tags, iTWire.com reported. Jobs simply made a deal to lease a new car (same model, same color) every six months so he could stay within the grace period. That's it. Sure Jobs liked to feel special, so he got away with something most people would never even dream of trying to get away with.

The law is California Vehicle Code No. 4456 Section C, parts No. 1 and No. 2, and they are:

A vehicle displaying a copy of the report of sale may be operated without license plates or registration card until either of the following, whichever occurs first: The license plates and registration card are received by the purchaser. A six-month period, commencing with the date of sale of the vehicle, has expired.

Coincidentally, Assembly Bill 1215 in the California Legislature, was passed in September, and it shortens the license plate grace period to only three months. It goes into effect in July 2012

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