Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who is on a medical leave since January 2011, stole the limelight once again at the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that kicked off on June 6 in San Francisco.

Jobs, who looked healthier during the event, unveiled Apple's much talked about iCloud service. The participation of Jobs at the event also put to rest some of the investor concerns over his deteriorating health.

The new iCloud service will allow users to automatically and wirelessly store content in the cloud and push it to any device without them having to do anything.

Music, photos, phone contacts, calendars, mail, apps, books and documents will all be stored in the cloud. Any updates, saves and changes will be made automatically across all registered devices. Essentially, Apple wants digital life to be updated in the cloud instead of the PC.

Some people think the cloud is just a big disk in the sky... We think it's way more than that, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said during the event.

Before this, Steve Jobs made an appearance at the iPad 2 launch event in March 2011.

Jobs' history in business has contributed much to the symbolic image of the idiosyncratic, individualistic Silicon Valley entrepreneur, emphasizing the importance of design and understanding the crucial role aesthetics play in public appeal. His work driving forward the development of products that are both functional and elegant has earned him a devoted following.

Following are some of the Steve Jobs' photos at WWDC: