Will "Minority Report" become a TV show? Courtesy/20th Century Fox

Director and producer Steven Spielberg may bring 2002 sci-fi thriller “Minority Report” to the small screen. The TV series will be penned by “Godzilla” writer Max Bornstein and Amblin Television, a source told The Wrap.

“Minority Report” starred Tom Cruise as John Anderton, the head of PreCrime, a police unit that utilized psychics to identify and arrest killers before any crimes were committed. There’s no word on who will reprise the role in the TV series.

The film is based on the short story by deceased author Philip K. Dick, a well-known science fiction writer who died in 1982. The movie “Blade Runner” was based on Dick’s 1968 novel, “Do Androids Dream of Sleep?”

1990’s “Total Recall” was based on another short story of Dick’s called “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale.”

We hope the show will do better than futuristic police drama “Almost Human,” which was produced by J.J. Abrams and recently canceled by Fox after just one season. “Almost Human” starred Karl Urban as police officer John Kennex in the year 2048. Urban worked with Dorian, played by Michael Ealy, who stars as a cyborg but human-like officer.

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