Apple released an Android app on the Google Play Store recently. The cheekily named “Move to iOS” app is apparently the first Android app from Apple. As the name suggests, this app helps the Android users switch to Apple iPhones and iPads. However, now, a new counter app called “Stick with Android” has been released, which is hell-bent on taking down Apple’s first Android app.

Not many would have thought Apple will be launching an Android app in 2015. However, the purpose of the app “Move to iOS” is to help Android fans get accustomed to the iOS environment. As expected, the name of the app didn’t go very well with the Android enthusiasts. Hence, Android’s die-hard fans have reportedly started criticizing the app in the Google Play Store.

As a result, the "Move to iOS" app has just one-star reviews. Meanwhile, readers can check out the funny one-star rated reviews from Google Play Store.

Apart from the rating, several Android app developers have taken the fight to the next level. Developers Jonathan Schiffner and Matthias Miro have come up with a funny new app to counter Apple’s first Android app, According to Phone Arena. The app named "Stick with Android" apparently encourages Android users to stick to the OS, instead of switching to what they call as "another (worse) platform.”

So what is the functionality of “Stick with Android"? Well, nothing really. This app has a single button on a green background called "Click here to stay on Android.” Upon clicking the aforementioned button, the app triggers a message with the following content: "Congratulations, you did it!”

The funny part of "Stick with Android" app, however, doesn’t stop here. As of now, this totally useless app somehow managed to amass 7,120 five-star ratings, in addition to 142 one-star ratings in the Google Play Store. Needless to say, this is one of the best rated Android apps at the store.