On the surface it may seem like “Still Star-Crossed,” Shonda Rhimes’ new TV show, is tale of romance. Set after the time Romeo and Juliet died in Shakespeare’s immensely popular story, this new ABC drama isn’t all love and fairytales. In fact, the period drama has plenty for fans who love a steamy betrayal or a fight for power.

Here are eight things to know about “Still Star-Crossed”:

1) It’s The Montagues Vs. Capulets

The deaths of Juliet Capulet and her lover Romeo Montague, the rivalry between their families escalates. The one-hour ABC drama picks in the aftermath of their demise with a newly crowned Prince Escalus (Sterling Sulieman) sitting on the throne.

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Rosaline (Lashana Lynch), Juliet’s cousin, finds herself in the middle of a political play that will save the city of Verona. The promo shows that she is forced to marry a Montague. However, she does not want to marry a man she hates and audiences of “Still Star-Crossed” will find out that she is a force to be reckoned with. She makes difficult decisions that will test her loyalty to her family.

Rosaline’s sister Livia (Ebonee Noel) is a hopeless romantic who dreams that a marriage will provide her with the life she has always wanted. However, her idealistic nature makes her an easy target and she will soon be drawn into a secret without her knowledge.

After Romeo’s death, his cousin Benvolio (Wade Briggs) becomes the sole heir of the Montague family. He is thrust into a position of responsibility and duty. Benvolio will be forced to be a part of a sinister plan in order to solidify his family’s status in Verona.

2) Lust For Power

Although there is plenty of romance in “Still Star-Crossed,” Rhimes’ new show ensures that there are enough twists, power plays and rivalries between families to keep all types of viewers interested.

3) A Prince Aims To End The Bloodshed

Prince Escalus is perhaps the only one determined to end the bloodshed between the Montagues and the Capulets. His only solution to the problem is that one member of the family marries the other. Unfortunately, he is smitten by Rosaline who he has ordered must marry Benvolio even if it is against his wishes. This means that he needs to choose between following his heart or protecting the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Escalus’ sister Princess Isabella (Medalion Rahimi) finds herself drawn to the throne but it is hard for a politically ambitious woman to obtain power.

4) Juliet’s To-Be Husband Is Alive

Although it was believed that the man Juliet was meant to marry, Count Paris (Torrance Coombs), was dead after his battle with Romeo, it turns out that he is alive. The Capulet’s lifelong caretaker, the Nurse (Susan Wooldridge), has secretly been tending to the Count’s wounds.

5) The Show Is Based On A Book

“Still Star-Crossed” is based on a book by Melinda Taub of the same name.

6) Torrance Coombs Returns To TV

Coombs played a beloved character named Sebastian/Bash in The CW series “Reign.” He exited the show because he was given a role in Rhimes’ new show. It’s been a long time since fans of “Reign” saw Coombs on TV.

7) It Releases This Month

Catch the one-hour show “Still Star-Crossed” on Monday, May 29 at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.