This may be the wittiest and funniest attempt at getting people to quit smoking.

And it’s not necessarily full-time smokers.

The folks of the Ontario Ministry of Health in Canada are aiming their efforts at “social smokers,” people who light up only when drinking or hanging out with friends, or you know, social situations.

The Ministry’s concern is that people who call themselves social smokers may be in denial and could potentially slide down a slippery slope in becoming not an only on occasion user. They say that almost two out of three young people who have just one cigarette will become daily smokers.

In come the witty advertorials and videos -- the latest released last week -- directed by the Perlorian Brothers, which compares other socially unacceptable habits like farting, picking at your ears or others’ food, with social smoking, implying that they’re all gross habits.

The campaign’s poignant message: “Social earwax picking is as ridiculous as social smoking. Social Smoking is smoking.”

To learn more about the campaign, visit its Facebook Page, where you’ll find more of their clever ads including tips on how to quit smoking.

Watch the hilarious PSA videos below:

“Social Farter Quits”:

“Social Farter”:

“Ear Wax Picker”:

“Social Nibbler”: