Actors Gaten Matarazzo, Natalia Dyer, Noah Schnapp, Caleb McLaughlin, Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown of "Stranger Things" attend the BUILD Series at AOL HQ on Aug. 31 in New York City. Getty Images

The hit Netflix series "Stranger Things" has characters so good they're scary — and that means you'll see them all over the United States this Halloween. Between the supernatural Eleven, the brave gang of boys and the gone-but-not-forgotten Barb, you have a ton of costume choices if you want to dress up in the "Stranger Things" theme.

The best part of choosing a "Stranger Things" getup is that, because the show is set in Indiana in the 1980s, the costumes aren't super elaborate. You can pick up most of the supplies you need from thrift and craft stores.

Here are four costumes you can DIY for Halloween:


Eleven's most classic look is the one the boys use to disguise her: a pink collared dress, blue jacket and blonde wig. If you're adventurous, you can buy a pattern to sew your own dress for $25 on Etsy here; if you're lazy, you can buy the dress itself for $98 on Melonhopper here. Score a wig on Amazon for $13 here and a cheap bomber jacket for under $20 here.

Once you're dressed, mix together a little red food coloring, powdered sugar, water and cocoa powder per these instructions and apply it under one nostril. Eggo waffles are optional.

Joyce Byers

Joyce was extremely stressed for all of "Stranger Things," but she was also extremely simply dressed. Mess up your hair or put on a disheveled brunette wig like this $12 one from Amazon. Put on a simple shirt and pair it with a green army jacket like this $40 one from H&M.

Your outfit is finished, so now it's time to load up on accessories. Buy a Target corded telephone for $10 here, Walmart battery-operated Christmas lights for $8 here or a pack of cigarettes from your local convenience store.


Being Barb is a lot more about being in the right frame of mind than having the perfect outfit, but it can't hurt if you have big retro glasses like these $10 ones from zeroUV. Get a vintage shirt with a ruffled collar like this $22 one from Rusty Zipper, wear high-waisted, acid-washed jeans and a short red wig like this $13 one from Amazon.

We give you permission to skip the slug.

The Wall

BuzzFeed declared the wall to be "the best costume" this year, and from the cosplay getups fans have shared on social media already, they're right. Grab a floral shirt and paint a messy black alphabet across the chest. Let it dry, then drape yourself with battery-powered Christmas lights.

Find yourself a Joyce and go trick-or-treating. But avoid the Upside Down!