The first major updated version of “Street Fighter V” called “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” is finally arriving next week. Ahead of its release, Capcom published a lengthy post detailing the new game’s features.

In a blog post, Capcom revealed the various across-the-board adjustments it made to “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” and the balance changes it implemented to all 28 characters of the game. The company also announced the instructions on how to gain access and start playing the update once it arrives.

One of the aspects that Capcom tackled in its post is the Training Mode Options of “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.” In the updated version, players will now be capable of viewing each action’s frame data in the Attack Data display.

An option to check the player’s advantage over his or her opponent has also been added. By turning on the Frame Advantage In Color feature, players will know which character has the advantage during the match. If the character of the player turns blue, it means he or she has the advantage. If it turns red, the player has the disadvantage in the battle.

Capcom is also implementing Fighter ID and Home changes when “Arcade Edition” arrives. Starting Jan. 16, players will have the option to change their Fighter ID and Home (flag) using either 200K Fight Money or MSRP $9.99 in the store. Should players choose to pay with real world money, one purchase of the “Fighter ID & Home Change” ticket allows a single opportunity to make changes.

In “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition,” the overall balancing is different from the main game. The update has increased active frames for Regular Throws from 2F to 3F and increased combo scaling for combos that include a V-Trigger activation. It also has increased recovery for Command Throws. Some moves have also been revised.

The patch notes for “Arcade Edition” also include details on the improvements and adjustments Capcom made for each character. For example, Ryu’s Shoulder Throw has an increased stun from 120 to 150. The damage that Ken’s Knee Bash is capable of delivering has also been increased from 100 to 110. Meanwhile, the duration of Chun-Li’s V-Trigger has been extended.

Capcom says that come Jan. 16, the “Street Fighter V” servers will go down in the morning for maintenance. Then, the “Arcade Edition” patch will go live in the afternoon. Players who own the “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” disc are instructed to connect their console to the internet to get the latest update, which comes with the Extra Battle Mode, Team Battle Mode and several balance changes.

Learn more about the “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” update here.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition
“Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” is arriving next week. Capcom