'Street Fighter V' Review
"Street Fighter V" was released Tuesday for the PS4 and PC. Capcom

After a rocky start, fans may be able to enjoy "Street Fighter V" online. Server issues plagued the launch of the latest entry in Capcom's iconic fighting game franchise. The dedicated "SFV" server Twitter account posted several messages Friday reporting no issues with online play.

With few options available to players to start, the main appeal for many "SFV" fans was the online experience. Since the game's launch Tuesday, many fans experienced difficulties in finding matches or severe lag during play. Other times, players were unable to connect to the servers. The issues were so widespread Capcom created the SFV Server account to keep players updated.

Yoshinori Ono, "Street Fighter" series executive producer, apologized for the issues on Twitter on Thursday.

The company stated it fixed matchmaking errors and is working on fixing a Battle Lounge bug that prevents players from participating after an extended period of time. Players were also concerned about match results not being logged by the servers. Winning online matches earns players Fight Money that can unlock costumes or characters. If the match appears in the battle log, the results were sent to the server and the experience points and Fight Money were accumulated by the player.

While not a server issue, "rage quits" -- leaving a match while losing before the server can post the results -- can affect the online experience for fans. Currently, a rage quit is not penalize and a victory or loss is not recorded in "SFV," but that could change in the near future. A Capcom spokesperson told Eurogamer that issue will be addressed.

When "SFV" was released Tuesday, it included a short Story mode, Survival mode, Training mode and a Versus mode. Players could select from 16 characters. Capcom announced "SFV" would be continuously updated with free content throughout 2016 and for the foreseeable future. The plan included a free Cinematic Story expansion in June and six downloadable content (DLC) characters beginning in March. All of this content could be unlocked by playing the game or provided at no additional cost to the player.