The success of Value Marketing was achieved by putting readers first
The success of Value Marketing was achieved by putting readers first Erik Buraas / Studio B13

The success of a great company depends on multiple things. In order for a company to become a success and to stay at the top of their market, many vital elements need to align, and the owner of the company needs to take a few important things into account. In addition to having a great product, wonderful employees, and effective marketing, the company also needs to value the happiness of their customers more than anything else.

Value Marketing is a Maltese multimillion dollar iGaming company that, in only a few years, rose to the top of their market. In order to get there, they focused on what mattered the most: their readers. Today, Reza Shojaei, the founder of Value Marketing, speaks about the importance of bringing value and beneficial tools for their readers. This, ultimately, was the key to their rapid success.

Rising to the top by providing solutions

Shojaei is a passionate poker player of over fifteen years. He has been involved in the iGaming world for a long time and evidently, has seen the ins and outs of it closely. In fact, Shojaei, together with a few other iGaming enthusiasts, saw a real issue in the market that needed to be solved.

The iGaming market is, and has been for a while, very competitive. New online casino sites open constantly, and the competition is fierce. Though this is great for players, the multitude of options can make it difficult for players to pick a site that is high-quality and reliable. While most casino sites are trustworthy and they have good intentions, there are some sites that are not.

Also, the sites are not made equal. Shojaei could easily see the big differences between game selections, licenses, and the quality of payments and bonuses. So, the idea of Value Marketing and its two major brands, and, was born.

The purpose was to open a casino affiliate site that provides only unbiased reviews and recommends high-quality sites that players will love. In addition, the idea was to provide players with free useful tools, such as articles, guides, and other resources, that will be beneficial and valuable for the readers.

Ultimately, the goal was to educate players and to direct them in the right direction, and to help them recognize great casino sites.

  • We believe that by providing our readers with valuable information and by earning their trust, they will come back to us over and over again. At the end of the day, when you take care of your customers, no matter what the business model is, you will get repeat business. Many businesses focus on the money aspect first, and clients second, though it should be vice versa, Shojaei says.

Like a big family

At the end of the day, every business is a “people business.” Though the purpose of a business is, of course, to sell products and services and to make money, it is not possible without people. Not without customers, excellent employees, and a great network. Shojaei was aware of this from the jump, which is why Value Marketing focused on their readers as their very first priority.

  • Our first priority was to provide our readers with something valuable and beneficial. Ultimately, we want our readers to come back to us over and over again, so we wanted to instill trust and transparency, Shojaei says.

Value Marketing wanted to solve a problem for players. So, was aimed to provide unbiased iGaming-related information to Norwegian and Swedish players., on the other hand, was meant to take over the rest of the world. Though these are two different brands, the idea behind both of them is the same: to offer free resources for players.

By being transparent and making sure that each piece of information is accurate and country-specific, Value Marketing has managed to gain the praise of players. They return to the site gladly over and over again, and even recommend it to their friends.

  • It took a few years to get to become the highest ranking online casino affiliate site in Norway, but we got there. The purpose is to replicate the process with every other market we are currently working on, Shojaei explains.

Dedicated and motivated team

As Shojaei understands the importance of people in the business, Value Marketing also focuses on hiring the best and most skilled employees. As the business is online-based, it allows them to hire people from all over the world, and to make sure people working in the business are just as passionate about iGaming as Shojaei is.

  • At the end of the day, you cannot run a successful business without motivated and dedicated people. When you have a strong team around you, you can do anything. Many entrepreneurs think they need to do everything themselves, and this is a big mistake. By having a great team around you, you can achieve a lot, Shojaei says.

A strong network around the world

As the goal of Value Marketing is to become the world’s most well-known and trusted casino affiliate network, making connections and cooperating with people and companies is important. In fact, Shojaei and the team travel constantly around the world for business meetings and conferences.

In order to stay up-to-date about important trends and developments, Shojaei travels to iGaming events and conferences as they are available. For instance, Value Marketing attended the ICE London 2020 conference to get the first scoop on the upcoming trends and releases.

At the same time, Shojaei was able to meet more people.

  • Connecting and networking with the right people allows you to build a strong network around the world. When you want to be known by everyone, you have to know everyone, says Shojaei.

Building a multinational company that covers over ten important markets around the world is not easy: it requires around the clock dedication, excellent business mindset, and (of course) hard work.

Put people first and money will follow

In order for a business to be successful, it has to make money. Ideally, the cash flow is on the green, which means that the business has more money coming in than going out. In fact, many businesses and entrepreneurs tend to focus on making money, and sometimes, the happiness of the consumer might be left in the background.

Value Marketing believes that by putting people first, money will follow naturally. The idea is to make the people happy with your product or service. This creates repeat business, recommendations, and ultimately, more profits.

  • When people do not know you yet, they will not necessarily trust you. This is why for most new businesses and startups it is extremely important to make sure that the consumers are happy. Sometimes, you may need to go above and beyond, or be more flexible, but at the end of the day, it is worth it, Shojaei reminds.

As time goes on and people get to know you and your business, the trust will build and you will be able to build momentum that will get your business to the top.

  • was not a success overnight. We needed to work on it, talk about it, market it, and to improve it every day. Ultimately, our hard work paid off and now we can proudly say that we are the highest ranking online casino affiliate site in Norway, Shojaei tells.

By replicating the process for and its eleven other markets (that include, for instance, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Canada, and India), the purpose is simply to become the best of the best.

  • By recommending only sites and services we know and trust, we have gained the trust of our readers. Now, they gladly come back to us. This arrangement benefits everyone, as happy players will spend more time at the casino they signed up with. The casino is happy, we are happy, and the players are happy, Shojaei shrugs.

In conclusion

Running a successful, multinational, and multimillion dollar company does not mean that you have to be like a bloodhound who has just caught the scent of blood. It can be about positivity, family, and networking. It does not have to be ruthless, but instead, it can be genuine and unbiased. It can, simply put, be about the people and about solving problems for them. By helping others, you can help your business.

As Value Marketing keeps building its already huge network, we can take some tools from their process and values and to use to better our own businesses. By putting your consumers and employees first, you will be able to create a well-running business that has a great reputation.

Shojaei also stresses the importance of loving what you do. When you are passionate about your job, you will gladly get up in the morning and go to work. In fact, it will not even feel like work. This, again, reflects well on your business and employees.