The world of erotic e-books is getting more intriguing by the minute. Recent reports have explored the increasing popularity of erotic/romance novels. Women who were previously ashamed to lose themselves in smutty novels, can now do so free of judgement. New fans of the genre will find a plethora of hot and heavy tales to read. Amazon, offers an ample selection of raunchy delights that are sure to stifle your productivity. Here are some alluring e-books you'll have trouble putting down!

Gabriel's Inferno: By Sylvain Reynard. Who knew college professors had all the fun? Gabriel is a respected, Dante specializing, sexy university instructor who can't help but bed a string of young ladies. Though his life seems to be one of pure perfection, in truth he is haunted by a horrid past. His pattern of seduction is disrupted when he becomes drawn to one of his new students, the innocent Julia. The resilient attraction he feels towards her threatens his livelihood. Can he stay away from the alluring woman or will he risk everything to know her intimately?

Generational Sins:  By Samantha Blair. Having been raised in an emotionally destructive environment, David was taught to think of women as objects meant to satisfy a man's every whim and desire. Yet when he meets Katlyn, his ideas shift. Though he connects with the lovely submissive on a physical level, he is struck by her nurturing demeanor. Can the emotionally damaged man find solace in the arms of his tender hearted conquest?

Wicked Burn: By Beth Kery. Sexy Vic Savian has longed to passionately engage his beautiful neighbor, Niall. One evening, he rescues her from the unwelcomed advances of another man who desires her. This leads to a night of unrepressed love making and begins a series of heated encounters. Vic's enticing tenderness has left Niall breathless and hungry for more but her bitter past resurfaces and threatened their titillating encounters.