• "Summer Time Rendering" Episode 12 is releasing Thursday
  • The episode will stream on Disney Plus
  • The anime is based on Yasuki Tanaka's story

Shinpei finally confronts the girl in the red kimono in "Summer Time Rendering" Episode 12. The new episode is titled "Bloody Night."

Shinpei stands right in front of a girl named Haine. Tokiko reveals that the form belonged to the person Hiruko copied for the first time. Haine is the god of Hitogashima Hiruko no Mikoto and she is the mother of shadows.

In "Summer Time Rendering" Episode 12, Sou looks shocked because Haine appears like a little girl but that little one is a god.

Ushio, trapped by a shadow, says she could feel her coming from a long way. Shinpei wonders if Hiruko is the mother of shadows and whether the island worships shadows.

Sou asks why Haine is hooked up to a blood transfusion device. Tokiko reveals she is weak due to malnutrition. She adds Haine's body is too weak to even walk and that is why they are looking for a replacement body.

"Upon hearing of Ushio's death, Shinpei returns to his hometown of Wakayama City on Hitogashima and reunites with his childhood friend's family. The funeral goes smoothly, but under the surface, something strange is brewing on the island. What mysteries await him on this secluded summer island?" the official synopsis of "Summer Time Rendering" manga read, according to Manga Plus.

The cast of the anime includes Anna Nagase as Ushio Kofune, Natsuki Hanae as Shinpei Ajiro, Maki Kawase as Tokiko Hishigata, Saho Shirasu as Mio Kofune, Tesshō Genda as Alain Kofune, Yōji Ueda as Tetsu Totsumura, Yōko Hikasa as Hizuru Minakata, Akio Ohtsuka as Seido Hishigata, Jin Urayama as Ginjiro Nezu, Katsuyuki Konishi as Masahito Karikiri, Misaki Kuno as Haine and Kensho Ono as Sou Hishigata.

The opening theme song of "Summer Time Rendering," titled "Natsuyume Noisy," is performed by Asaka. The closing theme song, titled "Shitsuren Song Takusan Kiite Naite Bakari no Watashi wa Mou," is by Riria.

Directed by Ayumu Watanabe, the anime is based on the original story by Yasuki Tanaka. Hiroshi Seko is credited for the series composition and scripting.

"Summer Time Rendering" Episode 12 is scheduled to air this Thursday on Disney Plus.

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