Spiderman Mask
Spider-man Mask Closeup IBT

In a heartbreaking scene in Indiana on Tuesday, family members dressed as superheroes carried the coffin of 5-year-old Brayden Denton.

Brayden succumbed to his incurable brain cancer earlier this week. He was diagnosed with a DIPG brain stem tumor in April of last year and this particular type of cancer has no survival rate.

Instead of traditional black funeral attire, Denton's mother requested that pallbearers dress as some his favorite superheroes: Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Superman and Batman.

"It was hard, but I did it for him," Braden's uncle told WLFI. Cory Denton dressed up as Thor for the procession. "We went to the Superman movie with him and he was dressed up as Superman. I watched all the Iron Mans with him."

The heartbreaking story was shared all over the Internet Tuesday, getting thousands of tweets and shares on other social media platforms. The reaction was as expected: sad.

"I felt like I was honoring him in a way that if he was looking down on us he would be happy," his mother told ABC.