Surface Book
Microsoft is planning to remove the gap from the Surface Book's hinge. Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The Surface Pro 5 is likely to be Microsoft’s latest flagship tablet in the coming months, but it’s not the only one. New rumors point to three all-in-one PC specs and a Surface Book 2 with a new hinge, according to a recent Windows Central report.

First up, the Surface Pro 2 apparently addresses some common complaints about its predecessor’s hinged notebook design. Instead of having a noticeable gap between keyboard and screen, the updated version will reportedly be flush when closed. In other words, both detachable parts should more closely resemble a traditional laptop. This tweak is believed to improve the existing build without sacrificing its former functionality.

The report also alleges that the next major reveal could involve no less than three all-in-one PC models with varied specs. The devices, which are apparently targeted for living room use, could come in 21-inch, 24-inch and 27-inch sizes. The smaller model has been cited as touting a 1080p display, while the two larger ones go all the way up to 4K.

That being said, the source qualifies that the entire trio of Surface Pro 5 companions may not actually release. It’s suggested that the rumored tablets may currently be in testing phases with only one or two final retail choices. Alternatively, it wouldn’t be an unprecedented move for Microsoft to make an eleventh-hour decision to scrap the all-in-one line completely. Two years ago, press was allowed to go hands on with a device called the Surface Mini. That product incarnation never ended up being sold.

As for the Surface Pro 5 specifically, details on that device remain scarce. While the discussions are anecdotal at best, the source article states that the tablet, and the other members of its family, are likely to feature some incarnation of Intel’s new Kaby Lake CPU. The speculation exists purely because the new chips are heading out to hardware makers at the time of writing.

The release of the Surface Pro 5 and these other products is noted by Central to be equally debatable. While it's said that some outlets project a 2016 arrival, others believe a 2017 rollout makes more sense. Next year, Microsoft also intends to publish a major update to Windows 10 called Redstone 2.

What do you think of these rumors? Would you prefer a Surface Book 2 or all-in-one instead of a Surface Pro 5? Tell us in the comments section!