Adult Swim Games has released the opening cinematic teaser trailer for Videocult’s “Rain World” late last week. The survival platformer is scheduled for release this Tuesday, and interested players or fans of the indie game will be happy to know that it is currently 20 percent off on Steam and the PlayStation Store.

By the looks of the opening cinematic clip, the indie action-adventure could be set in a post-apocalyptic world as hinted by the ruins of buildings. The less than two-minute clip also sets the melancholic atmosphere of the game with depictions of trials for the slugcat protagonist accompanied by gloomy music.

While this new promotional material does not show how the world of “Rain World” is unique, VG24/7 has learned that the ecosystem where the slugcat resides as well as the other creatures inhabiting it are actually semi-dependent on the actions of the player. The previous trailer (found below) from Adult Swim Games shows this side of the game.

When players assume the role of the slugcat, they can jump and attack objects yet they remain vulnerable when they are faced with the unusual beasts lurking in “Rain World.” The monsters are the least of everyone’s worries, however, considering that the main goal of the protagonist is to survive by looking for food and ultimately strive to reconnect with its missing family.

“Rain World” took around three years to finish, but this is understandable given that Videocult is composed of only four to five designers, as per Den of Geek. A Kickstarter project was launched for the game back in January 2014. With 3,030 backers, the campaign successfully raised $63,255, which was more than two times the developer’s initial $25,000 goal.

Now that the game is releasing this Tuesday, gamers who are interested in purchasing “Rain World” can buy it for a discounted price. On Steam, the game has a 20 discount. On the other hand, PlayStation players can save 20 percent off the $19.99 price of the game if they are subscribed to the PS Plus service.