• Jeffrey Epstein's victims talk about Prince Andrew’s connection to the Epstein scandal 
  • Virginia Giuffre claimed that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew on three occasions
  • Lisa Phillips, another victim, also claimed that there were many girls who were sent to Prince Andrew for malicious reasons

“Surviving Jeffrey Epstein,” the newest documentary that explores the Epstein sexual abuse scandal, delved into the lives of the survivors and revealed some dark, unknown secrets about the controversy that shocked the world. The first episode of the docu-series saw some of the survivors sharing specific details on how Prince Andrew played a part in their abuse.

Virginia Giuffre, one of the victims of Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, claimed Prince Andrew is a different kind of prince who is “willing” to have sex with a 17-year-old girl, Vanity Fair reported citing the documentary.

Giuffre claimed that the late convicted sex offender “forced her” to have sex with Prince Andrew on three occasions. The media outlet also reported that Epstein decided to send her to Prince Andrew so that he could successfully achieve his perverted master plan.

“Prince Andrew is not the prince from the fairy-tale stories you read,” Giuffre said in the docu-series.

Giuffre believes that Prince Andrew must be held accountable for his actions and claimed that he was a part of the sex trafficking operation of the late financier.

“Andrew deserves to be outed. He deserves to be held accountable. He participated in a sex trafficking operation with one of the most prolific sex trafficking operators in the world in modern time,” Giuffre said in “Surviving Jeffrey Epstein.

Another Epstein victim, Lisa Phillips, also came forward and said that Giuffre was not the only girl who was sent to Prince Andrew for malicious reasons.

Philips also recalled the time when one of her friends told her what happened when she finally met Prince Andrew for the first time.

“Most of the girls did not speak about what happened with Prince Andrew, but I had one very good friend who confided in me about her experience with him. She told me that Jeffrey kind of instructed her to go into a room and have sex with Prince Andrew. She told me, ‘Jeffrey isn’t really who he says he is,’” Vanity Fair quoted Phillips, as saying.

Phillips added that she asked Epstein about his relationship with Prince Andrew, but the latter did not talk about it. However, he told her that he needed to have “something on people.”

“He did not want to talk about it a lot. He just mentioned that he needs to have something on people,” Phillips said in the documentary.

Recently, one of the helmers of the documentary, Ricki Stern, revealed how Maxwell’s arrest changed the narrative of their project.

"It is as much about Ghislaine’s arrest as it is about the women having this moment to say, 'We are going to get our day in court. This is going to be a moment.’ Our series really takes you up until the present day right now. The fact that Ghislaine has been arrested really adds a much more uplifting end to the story, and it’s just the beginning," the filmmaker said in an interview with the Television Critics Association (TCA).

Britain's Prince Andrew, pictured here in January 2020, denies he claims he had sex with a 17-year-old girl procured by Jeffrey Epstein
Britain's Prince Andrew, pictured here in January 2020, denies he claims he had sex with a 17-year-old girl procured by Jeffrey Epstein AFP / Lindsey Parnaby