Prince Andrew has continued to remain in the news amid the ongoing Jeffrey Epstein investigation, but following the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, some are indicating that the Duke of York "should be very concerned" about what the future could hold for him if certain documents are released.

In a recent interview with the Mirror, attorney Lisa Bloom, who is acting as legal representation for some of Epstein's victims, discussed what could be down the road for the member of the British royal family. Not only could they reveal personal information about Maxwell and the former financier, but flight logs could also confirm that Queen Elizabeth II's son had boarded Epstein's jet.

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During the conversation, Bloom stated that unsealing the Maxwell documents is "a positive step" for some, as secrecy works to protect predators and transparency can be beneficial to victims. However, Andrew could find himself in an undesirable situation considering what is thought to be contained within them.

"Anyone who was associated with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell should be very concerned," she stated.

Continuing, Bloom then offered a piece of advice for the Duke, saying that Prince Andrew "should get ahead of this by ¬≠cooperating with investigators as he promised to do months ago."  

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Prior to the new discussion surrounding Andrew's one-time friendship with Epstein, other reports have indicated where the ongoing investigation may be headed. Not only have some of Epstein's victims alleged the Duke "had knowledge" of illegal activity, but it has also been said that they could potentially sue him if he is not "released" in certain documents.

As for where the case may be headed, some believe that the U.S. has an interest in extraditing him but cannot do so at this time for a specific reason