T-Mobile is really trying to get Verizon customers to switch service providers. President and CEO John Legere announced Wednesday that starting May 31, T-Mobile would make customer’s iPhone or Pixel payments for them.

This means those who want to switch to T-Mobile can change carriers and keep their phones. No worrying about getting a new one or paying it off before leaving Verizon. The announcement was the first of three the company has scheduled in coming days.

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The company will take on your payment whether you still owe Verizon $1 or $1,000, a release said. But the average Verizon customer owes $315, meaning a family of four owes more than $1,000. The goal is to get Verizon customers “out of the red.” Customers will have to pay off the lease with Verizon and then T-Mobile will reimburse them. T-Mobile is promising to pay customers quickly, ideally before their first billing period, within 15 days with a digital prepaid MasterCard. But to take advantage of this deal customers will have to insure their phones with T-Mobile for $15 a month.

The carriers have been locked in a heated battle for customers since unlimited plans were introduced earlier this year. Legere highlighted slowed network speeds since this was introduced to Verizon. Verizon deprioritizes data for its customers once they use 22 GB. T-Mobile does this as well, but previously didn’t deprioritize until customers used 30GB, a level the company upped to 32GB Wednesday.

“Ever since Verizon launched unlimited data, their network has been tanking. ... Their download speeds have been down as much as 14 percent since launching unlimited. T-Mobile, on the other hand, is getting faster in the same time frame,” Legere said in a video announcement Wednesday.

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Legere said while Verizon is overwhelmed with the increase in customer data use, T-Mobile was built for it. The #GetOutOfTheRed campaign was launched with this announcement and will be available to customers across the country for a “limited time,” starting May 31. Eligible phones include the iPhone SE, 6s, 6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus models, but not the 6. And the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. The reason T-Mobile can offer this deal to Verizon customers is that Verizon phones are not locked, all users have to do is remove their Verizon SIM card and pop in a SIM from T-Mobile. This makes the switching process especially easy.

T-Mobile also has an offer for customers of AT&T and Sprint. Those customers can switch to T-Mobile and T-Mobile is offering to pay off their phones or early termination fees as well, but only when the customers finance a new device. But for now, the “un-carrier” is not requiring trade-ins for devices.

Other carriers have not announced any special promotions following T-Mobile’s special offer to entice new customers as of Wednesday.